Responsible Recreation

An important part of practicing responsible outdoor recreation is being respectful of wildlife and their habitats. Dedicating funding to wildlife conservation helps protect recreation opportunities as well as the health of our natural resources.
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Responsible Recreation with an eagle, a fox, an amphibian, and a heron

Things You Can Do To Help Wildlife

  1. Support the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act by contacting your Senators

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  2. Consider volunteering for your state fish and wildlife agency. See a list of state and territory fish and wildlife agencies along with some other conservation partners HERE.

  3. Support fish and wildlife conservation by purchasing a hunting or fishing license, habitat stamp, visiting a state park, or donating to a nongame tax check-off program.

  4. Use native and wildlife-friendly plantings around your home or on other land that you own...see some resources to help get you started HERE.

  5. Participate in community science activities in your state — some suggested citizen science programs can be found HERE and HERE.

  6. Report illegal wildlife activities to your local conservation officer.

  7. Reduce your impact on the environment by recycling and supporting sustainable practices.

  8. Don’t disturb wildlife by getting too close to wildlife.

  9. Spread the word about the importance of fish and wildlife conservation – see some additional resources HERE.

  10. Let your state fish and wildlife agency know if you observe unusual behavior or die-offs of fish or wildlife.

People walking in the woods practicing responsible recreation

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