Conserving America’s Fish and Wildlife

Our goal is to partner with all Americans to conserve our natural resources for future generations.
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Take Action For Fish and Wildlife

Americans are facing a challenge that threatens the very existence of the fish and wildlife that we all enjoy. As more and more species are pushed to the brink of extinction our society risks losing priceless resources forever. The Alliance for America's Fish & Wildlife was created to bring about a fundamental change in how conservation is funded in order to protect and conserve our fish and wildlife for the benefit of our nation, our economy and our way of life.

Proactive fish and wildlife conservation saves the responsible American’s tax dollars by addressing threats to our natural resources before expensive “emergency-room” actions are needed. Healthy fish and wildlife populations also fuel a vibrant outdoor economy, without which fewer Americans will enjoy the many benefits of our natural resources. This means fewer opportunities to spend time with family and friends outdoors, which has major negative impacts to our mental and physical well-being and our communities.

The solution is passage of the bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act – legislation needed to prevent more than 12,000 species of fish and wildlife from becoming endangered. Please join our effort and ask your member of congress to co-sponsor the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

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Join us in support of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act so that future generations may enjoy the same abundant fish and wildlife, and outdoor recreation opportunities that we have.

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